It was a warm night in a small country town.  Wedding celebrations were being had and guests were enjoying watching the bride and groom burst with love.

I was enjoying the company of the night as well, until I suddenly felt a pain in my abdomen. Then another…and another….

Oh, dear…I was going into labor.

Some people said I was crazy to leave the city on my due date, to drive six hours to attend my best friend’s wedding but I knew full well the risks of going into labor in the middle of nowhere.

Friendship called and I answered.

And…so did another little human.

I’ll never forget the look on my new-born’s face as I held him mid reception.

His well-timed arrival looked as if to shock himself as much as everyone else at the wedding.

From his tiny nose, down to his teeny toes, he was pure perfection.

From that moment on, everything in my life changed.

I left a promising career in advertising to fill endless days, weeks and months by being on call to feed, protect and manage another person’s basic bodily functions.

And, I’m proud of myself. I’ve done well.  It’s mostly been a pleasure over the past five years raising two adorable children.

I place a lot of value on early education and I sense you do too.

I want our children to have the freedom to choose the best for their future.  I want them to be the brightest of the bunch, the first to walk, the first to talk, the first to sing their ABC’s and recognize numbers in the street.  Most of all I want them to be empowered, kind and socially aware humans, don’t you?

The most up to date evidence tells us that the early childhood years, particularly between the stages of infancy to 5 years old, are the most crucial for us parents to foster an environment which offers a healthy and solid foundation.  If we get this time right, we are giving our children the best chance at success for the future.

I believe it is our responsibility to empower our kids with the tools they’ll need to tackle the stress of the modern world.  To be ready to take on the challenge of the life that lays before them.  We need to do all we can to provide them with love, support and education.

That’s why, like the journey to my best friend’s wedding, I know the risks involved in not doing enough to educate our kids and that’s why I am passionate about empowering and educating moms and dads just like you.

It is my pleasure to support your parenting journey by providing you only the best educational toys, online learning programs and expert advice sourced from all corners of the globe.  Even small country towns.

Lauren Leisk

Lauren Leisk

Lauren spends her days researching the latest educational toys and
publishing content, whilst juggling two preschool age children
and completing a masters degree.

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