Shape Toys for Toddlers

Shape puzzles and shape toys for toddlers support cognitive development by improving spacial awareness and encouraging early math skills.

Educational Benefits of Shape Puzzles & Shape Toys

If your four month old baby is starting to reach out and grab for nearby objects it could be an indication that she is ready to start exploring the world of shapes. Yes, even very young babies can use their senses of sight and touch to distinguish the difference between a circle and a square.

The ability to identify basic shapes like circles, triangles and squares is a key milestone of the toddler years. The skills of recognizing, categorizing, comparing and matching shapes provide a solid foundation for early math, geometry and numeracy learning.

Think of our alphabet as a series of shapes and it becomes easy to see why there is a direct correlation between a child’s early recognition of shapes and an early ability to read. When a toddler is engaged with shape learning toys they are actively establishing a sound foundation for the recognition and understanding of letters.

An early knowledge of shapes is also an important component in the development of basic math awareness. The ability to group shapes according to differences and similarities increases analytical skills and, by identifying the number of sides a shape has, children can learn to count.

You can encourage shape learning through enjoying play with shape sorters, shape puzzles and completing peg board challenges with your toddler and preschool aged children.

Learning shapes is an imperative first step in your preschooler’s education towards math, geometry and engineering study. There is no doubt that the early acquisition of a knowledge of shapes provides your child with a true advantage across the many strands of the early years curriculum.

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.”
– Pythagoras

Best Shape Toys for Toddlers

Early learning experts agree that the best shape toys for toddlers include shape puzzles and shape sorters. Shape toys that introduce geometric shapes to toddlers can also develop the refinement of fine motor skills to make shapes fit into their correct places and reward toddlers for correct placement with sound or movement. A combination of shapes, colors and letter recognition also can go a long way toward introducing a variety of educational concepts at once. Here are a few of our top picks

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