Reading Games for Kids

The best reading games and spelling games for kids support cognitive development, improving early literacy, language and comprehension skills by making learning to read fun.

Educational Benefits of Reading Games

Enjoyable reading games and spelling games for kids encourage a positive relationship with learning, which shapes experiences of learning later in life. Playing reading games with peers and family members also helps strengthen social bonds and develop good communication skills.

“But all kids learn how to read eventually, so why the rush?”

In fact, learning to read from an early age – even at 3 years old – is not only possible, but greatly advantageous for long term learning outcomes and brain development. Studies have proven that mastering reading at a young age provides a great deal of benefits including; a higher level of self-confidence, a greater capacity to self-learn, a better attention span, improved concentration, a richer vocabulary, and better oral communication skills, resulting in less frustration and temper tantrums.

Early reading results in higher long-term literacy, but even if you don’t have an early reader, reading games for kids help foster social skills and develop positive relationships between friends and family members, which is more than can be said for reading apps on digital devices.

Reading games, spelling games and alphabet learning toys are available for all ages, so you don’t have to hold off until your child is 3 or 4 to start them on the path to early reading. Children are never too young to be exposed to letters, phonics and words, and those who start early are more likely to master it faster.

Best Reading Games for Kids

We’ve consulted early learning experts to uncover what they thing some of the best reading games for kids are. So here are just a few suggestions to help your children get started on the path to early reading.

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