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Recommended Online Learning Courses and Online Educational Programs for Kids Pre-Kinder

Online learning courses can unlock your child’s potential and open the door for opportunities to learn a vast array of skills and nurture natural talent, both before and during school years.

As funding limitations and budget cuts threaten our public education systems, more parents are looking toward online education courses as a way to fill the gap between what can be offered by schools and parents at home.

Compared with just a few years ago, there’s now an abundant array of comprehensive and personalized online educational courses available across multiple devices, giving children from every background and location a chance to explore, learn and thrive.

Best Online Learning Programs for Kids Pre-Kinder

Below are some of the best online learning programs for kids under 5 which we have reviewed. If you think we’re missing any please write to us as we’d love to be able to showcase as many as we can for our community of pro-active parents.

Reading Eggs Online Learning Educational Course for Kids to Learn To Read | Educational Toys Expert

Reading Eggs

#1 Editors Choice! Reading Eggs makes learning to read fun and engaging for kids aged 3+ with interactive online games, books, songs, golden eggs and other rewarding activities accessible from multiple devices.


Mathseeds Online Learning Course Educational Program for Kids Home School Math Counting Shapes and Numbers Activities for Kids | Educational Toys Expert

Math Seeds

Mathseeds teaches kids aged 3+ the core maths and problem solving skills needed to be successful at school. Combining highly structured lessons with fun interactive online games, songs and reward based activities.

(comes with the ReadingEggs program)

Reading Eggs Junior Online Learning Course Online Educational Program for Kids Preschool PreKinder | Educational Toys Expert

Reading Eggs Junior

With funny animation, toddler games and pre-school activities, children aged 2-4 will be entertained as they learn. A huge library of read-aloud books, alphabet games, songs and phonemic awareness activities keep children learning about words, sounds and letters.


(comes with the ReadingEggs program)

The most comprehensive early learning academy for children ages 2-7. Over 500 lessons and 5,000 learning activities, accessible from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. A multi award-winning educational program designed by teachers to seamlessly align with the school curriculum.


Learn Baby Sign Language - Online Learning Course - Tiny Talk - Communicate with Baby | Educational Toys Expert

Learn Baby Sign Language
and Prevent Tantrums

A proven 10-stepped course on how to communicate with your baby before they can speak. Discover how baby signing can help you to communicate with your child before they can talk. Stop tears, frustration and tantrums before they happen. Incorporate baby signing secrets into your everyday routine and get quick results.

FREE SIGN LANGUAGE CHART Teach Your Child How To Read Online Learning Educational Course for Kids

Teach Your Child To Read
From Age 2

Revolutionary and scientifically proven reading system enables your child to become a fast and fluent reader. This effective step-by-step program utilizes simple methods to achieve incredible results. Teaching children of all ages to read has never been easier with with videos, worksheets and ongoing access to reading aids and recources.

60 DAY TRIAL Online Learning Educational Activities Workbooks for Kids

The Mind Power Series for Kids

Fun math games, printable english worksheets, creative and fun brain games to train your child to think like a genius. More than 360 fun activities for kids aged 3-12 years to play and learn. Designed by teachers to help parents to aid their children to learn.

Educational Coloring Pages Online Learning Educational Activities Workbooks for Kids

5x Educational Workbooks for $9.95

High quality activity books for kids aged 3-7. Fun, creative and engaging get-ready-for-school early learning activities that cover: early literacy & numeracy, logic thinking & problem solving, geometrical shapes, patterns & abstract concepts, classifying, sorting & matching and math fundamentals. Online Learning Educational Course for Kids

Pre-K to 5th Grade Learning Program

Online curriculum of guided lessons covering 800+ skills in math, reading, and writing for grades pre-k through 5th. With progress reporting, an entire library of 30,000+ learning resources including games, songs, worksheets, interactive exercises, hands-on activities, and more for parents and teachers.

Teach Your Child Piano Online Learning Educational Course for Kids

Teach Your Child Piano

Even if you’ve never touched a musical instrument in your life, this transformational framework assists parents teach kids to play piano with worksheets, games and flash cards you’ll get support with videos, presentations, lesson plans and one-on-one support. Enroll for free and commit to the 5 day challenge.

Shichida At Home Online Learning Educational Program for Kids Online Early Learning Program At Home

Shichida at Home

Unlock your child’s innate abilities with the world’s first all-in-one online early learning program. Providing families with everything they need to enhance their child’s education from ages 2+, a revolutionary home schooling program that includes both online and offline educational materials and toys, shipped to you every month.