Musical Toys for Kids

Musical toys support cognitive development by fostering creativity, enhancing coordination & improving dexterity.

Educational Benefits of Musical Toys

There’s a mounting body of evidence that musical toys benefit growing minds in many ways; boosting cognitive skills, enhancing memory, creating emotional connections, improving language, fostering creativity, developing coordination and improving gross motor skills.

Numerous studies have linked child brain development with exposure to music, as hearing is one of the earliest developed senses. It has been proven that through stimulating brain activity by playing classical music to babies in utero, babies were observed to grow and develop at significantly more advanced rates than those who hadn’t.

Many parents discourage musical toys, deeming them “too noisy” or “annoying” without considering just how greatly beneficial they are for early learning and childhood development, not to mention how much they are greatly enjoyed by kids of all ages. Music encourages creativity, singing, and imaginative play, and sets the tone for your child’s emotional wellbeing (pun intended!).

More than anything else, the links proven between musical talent and math should be enough to persuade any parent to encourage a love of music from an early childhood age. The earlier the better, for it has been proven children with a musical ability are more easily able to understand and analyze mathematical constructs, since music mimics counting, fractions, repetition and patterns.

It’s never too young to expose kids to the joys of music and encourage musical play, be it by singing in the car, daggy dancing in the kitchen, using hair brushes as microphones or an ice cream bucket as a drum. If for no reason other than the pure enjoyment of creating sound through interaction and movement, musical toys should be encouraged by parents for kids of all ages.

Best Musical Toys for Kids

Early learning experts and music teachers combined agree that not all musical toys are made equal. It’s not enough just to make sounds and music. A good musical toy has features that support learning through varied interactive elements, involving sound, vision, movement, dexterity and of course fun.

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LeapFrog® Learn & Groove™ Musical Mat

Musical Jumping Mat for Kids Promotes Early Learning of Music & Math

Get a jump on counting with 3 ways to play! The Learn & Groove Musical Mat by LeapFrog encourages the practice of balance and coordination through the physical exploration of musical foundations: rhythm, tempo and beat, whilst teaching foundational math concepts such as counting and sequencing. Promotes collaboration, shared play and turn-taking.

Age range: 2 - 5 years

Brand: LeapFrog

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Price: $29.99 $29.88

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Under the Sea Jamboree™ by Baby B.

Musical Octopus Interactive Sensory Plush Toy For Babies & Toddlers

The bright colors and textured fabrics of this plush musical octopus provide sensory stimulation and interactive play whilst encouraging auditory development through introducing the sounds of eight musical instruments and allowing baby to press two instruments at the same time to create a harmony.

Age range: 6 - 24 months

Brand: Baby B. Toys

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Price: $29.62

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