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Best Counting Toys for Toddlers in 2018

Counting Toys | Educational Toys Expert - Children Toddlers Kids Playing with Colorful Counting Discs Rings at a Park Outside

The results are in. Our team of educational experts have agreed to share their recommendations on the best counting toys for toddlers, and why. Educational Benefits of Counting Toys for Toddlers We may not think it very important nor relevant for babies under 1 year old to count or recognize numbers at this early stage. […]

Math Games for Kids

Math Games for Kids | Educational Toys Expert - Child Doing Math Counting Task on Blackboard at School

Math Games for Kids Support Cognitive Development By the preschool or kindergarten years, simple math addition and subtraction concepts are well developed, along with the concept of zero, bigger than and less than, and perhaps the concept of halves or even quarters if you’ve got a clever little one. The best math games for kids aid cognitive […]