Building Toys for Kids

Building toys, construction sets and STEM toys for kids support cognitive development by teaching spacial awareness, geometric problem solving and fine motor skills.

Educational Benefits of Building Toys & Construction Toys

Early learning research has found that kids who play with building toys and construction blocks in their early childhood years, later excel in more complex subjects like physics and algebra.

The reason being seems obvious, as building and construction toys (also known as STEM Toys) stimulate kids’ problem solving minds, giving them a chance to explore and interact with concepts such as spatial awareness and 3D modelling, whilst developing their fine motor skills. This cannot be achieved with an iPad!

Construction toys stimulate the analytical side of the brain, by comparing sizes and shapes, sorting and ordering objects, making distinctions and exact matches to solve problems, this is the basis of mathematical engineering, geometry and complex pattern arrangement.

The best toy building sets provide kids opportunities to experiment with real world materials such as wood, plastic, metal and magnets. Imaginative and creative play is achieved through exploring how these materials interact (for instance, how heavy they are and how they fit together), solving engineering and geometric problems to achieve 3D structures.

To quote Karen Hewitt, developer of a unique set of creative products offered by Learning Materials Workshop, “Construction toys, of all toy categories, offer the most open ended opportunities for children to design and create imaginative structures. Using abstract, modular forms, construction toys present a ‘what if’ question and allow children to construct and continually modify their own representations.”

When kids are able to represent a place or a scene with construction sets, they are exercising creativity whilst improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This ability has been linked to the development of math and engineering skills in later life.

Best Building Toys for Kids

The best building toys for boys AND GIRLS are ones that can grow with your child over time, testing engineering skills that span a wide age range and can therefore be played along side siblings of different ages. Experts agree that supplying a great range of building toys for kids to keep them engaged in creative play is one of the best ways you can support complex cognitive develop and prepare kids to solve abstract problems on their own.

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