About Us

We Are Passionate About Early Learning and Childhood Development

As parents ourselves, we know that the best toys for children foster improved social, emotional, physical and mental well-being, allowing them to explore new subjects, problem solve and learn through play.

In our modern age, there are so many pressures which stop us from being 100% present with our kids. From being time poor to overworked and exhausted, the struggle is real.

But, we also know the choices we make for our children in these developmental years sets them up for a future of success, so it’s important we do our very best to enrich their learning environment.

Kids have an amazing ability to absorb, retain and recall information and it is our mission here at Educational Toys Expert to empower moms and dads like you to make the most of those early years and instill a love of learning.


Our exclusive range of well researched educational toys and online learning resources let you seize this window of opportunity in your child’s life to maximize their learning potential and guide their intellectual trajectory.

As a parent, we become intimate with the feeling of guilt, so lay that down today, and let us help you help your child.

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